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Wild West 1862


Enlistment Form for the Wild West 1862 Challenge

There will be five total scenarios to choose from in the Wild West 1862 Challenge. You may enlist in one or more. Remember not to overcommit yourself to more games than you can handle. 

Only check the boxes below next to the games you WANT to play. You may leave other boxes blank. Please sign up for as few or as many as you like. Remember it is always better to take one fewer game than you can handle rather than one more game than you can handle. 

HPS/JTS Chickamauga Scenario Enlistment

There are three available options to play from Chickamauga. 

1) This battle features Bragg's forces against Buell's with under 25,000 men on both sides. There are under 40 turns in this scenario and it is a meeting engagement. If you are looking for a medium sized option to play then this is ideal. 

2) This scenario has two armies of roughly equal size, just over 40,000, battling it out for the control of Central Tennessee. It is a meeting engagement style battle of 40 turns. 

3. Another meeting engagement scenario with roughly equal forces between the armies of Bragg and Buell. Both sides number just over 40,000 men and the scenario is under 40 turns. 

HPS/JTS Shiloh Scenario Enlistment

There are two available options to play from Shiloh. 

1) Grant versus Johnston - but not at Shiloh. This battle comes in at 40 turns and features two full armies battling it out in a partial meeting engagement style battle.

2) This large scenario is 40 turns in length and features two armies with just over 48,000 men on each side. It is a meeting engagement style scenario. This is the scenario which features the most men on the battlefield. 

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