25th Anniversary
Year of Tourneys

Rules for the 2022 Tournaments

1. All Club Rules in Section 5 of the ACWGC Rules concerning Gameplay are applicable here.

2. House Rules are allowed between combatants. If you cannot agree on these, I suggest using the traditional Club Rules as a base and starting as soon as possible as there is a time limit.


3. The following Optional Rules will be required of all participants:










This is done to speed up the gaming process and to avoid any potential disagreements over Optional Rules between players. If you do not like the above optional rules I apologize but in order to keep everything moving forward as quickly and smoothly as possible this is necessary.


4. Once the game is completed please contact me at as soon as possible with the result. 


5. Participants are expected to register their games in the DoR as a battle.

Note: All games should be recorded in the DoR with the end result as it is on the Victory Dialog screen.


6. Grievances - remember this is all for fun! But should you have any major issues please contact and/or President Walt Dortch and we will work to address your concerns as quickly as possible. 


7. FUN!!! Remember we are all here to have fun and enjoy these great games. Don't ruin your experience and someone else's by taking it too seriously. 

8. Scenario selection - I chose the scenarios I did based on a number of factors such as their length, numbers, playability, and fairness. Some of you will love them and others will hate them. What one Member might consider a perfectly playable and fair scenario another might deem unwinnable and a disaster. Factors such as experience, tactics, and your own positive (or negative) attitude can affect all of this. Before emailing the admin of this tournament to voice your displeasure please remember there are no perfect scenarios


Winning the Wild West 1863, Big East 1862, Border Madness, and Fight to the Finish Challenges

1. One side, CSA or USA, will be declared the winner of each Challenge. This will be based on the final point totals for each of the battles fought in the Challenge. 


Each battle result will count as points for the victorious side. A Victory will count as one point for the winning side. Whichever side, USA or CSA, has the most points in the scenario will win that battle for their side. 

2. The total results from the battles will then determine an overall winner in each Challenge. 

3. Draws do not count for, or against, either side. It is in your interest to help your side by, at the least, receiving a Draw if possible. 

4. Games which are NOT completed on time will not count in the challenge UNLESS they are 100% necessary to determine a winner. 

ex. Let's say the USA holds a 5 points to 2 points lead in a scenario. The outcome of one game will not matter as the best the CSA could hope for is a 5 - 3 result with a Victory. Thus, the games result is a moot point. 

ex. On the other hand if the contest is tied 5 points to 5 points with the scenarios result hanging on the outcome of the game then time may be extended at this discretion of this office.

5. If both sides win three of the six scenarios, then the tie will be broken by whichever side has more total points in the Challenge. 

6. This office reserves the right to alter the victory conditions and timelines depending on extraordinary circumstances. I always try to be fair-minded and admit the possibility of unforeseen circumstances changing things. 

How Opponents Are Matched

I will take all of the volunteers for each Challenge and put their names into a randomizer online. It will select everyone's opponent and which of the scenarios they will play. 

Winning the Total War 1861 - 1865 Challenge

This Challenge is unique in that it uses the Department of Records as its scorecard. Throughout 2022 everyone should be registering their games as usual and closing them out when completed. Club Rules already establish the proper use of the DoR so I won't need to add anything else here. Play your games, have fun, and register them. All games completed and registered before December 31, 2022, will count. 

Note: Inevitably someone will suspect an opponent is slow-playing to avoid a loss before the expiration of the year. This would be bad sportsmanship and wholly unnecessary as there are hundreds, if not thousands, of games played each year. If you lose a game and "just" gain 8 OBD points to your opponent's 11 OBD points - it's not going to matter in the grand scheme of things. Don't overthink. Just play normally.


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