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Give Us Your Feedback
We’d love to hear what you think.
How long have you been a Member?
Since 2018 the Club has gone through some big changes in design, structure, and in other ways. How have these changes affected you?
How often do you VISIT the Mason Dixon Tavern?
How often do you POST in the Mason Dixon Tavern?
How often do you visit other social media sites? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.)
Which of the following is the most important factor to your enjoyment of the current ACWGC?
Since the pandemic year of 2020, how have you been meeting new opponents? Check all that apply.
If you have played in a Tournament, what did you enjoy the most?
Would you like more independently created scenarios in these Tournaments (like Stonewall at Gettysburg)?
How strongly do you feel about the roleplaying aspects of the Club?
Do you like the Medals distributed on your side of the Club?
Which types of Medals do you enjoy the most?
The following questions are merely for survey purposes to see what people think about random ideas which have been floated about from time to time.
The MDT has not been working as intended for most of 2023. If we cannot get this site back up and running "as it used to be" then what is your opinion?
Privately owned websites are increasing in price due to real world circumstances. What is your opinion on moving to a private free alternative such as a Facebook Group exclusively for Club Members?
Do you enjoy the current rank and promotion system?
The following questions are optional. Any input is appreciated.
What led you to join the ACWGC originally?
What keeps you in the ACWGC?
What do you see as the future of the ACWGC now that WDS has potentially released their last Civil War game? 

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

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