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This section deals with a more philosophical approach to war. Here we focus on the writings of some of history's most noted war theorists and apply them to our little wargames here in the ACWGC. If you struggle sometimes with seeing the "big picture" in your battles I believe this section will help you. 

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The Nine Principles of War

Taken from the US Army's Field Manual this paper goes over the nine principles of war and how they are applicable in our own games. 


Napoleon's Maxim's of War

Maxim's of War written by Napoleon. The antebellum American publication has an intro written by Winfield Scott. Appropriately enough. 


Aggressive Cavalry Usage

Let the Yankees use their mounted arm to guard wagons and scout the flanks... we southerners prefer a more aggressive form of combat! Learn how to keep the scare on them Yanks here.


Principles of War

Written in 1812 this essay to the Crown Prince of Prussia is a brief overview of many of the ideas Clausewitz would expand on later when he wrote On War.

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