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Customized Scenarios

The Wargame Design Studios scenario editor allows anyone to edit or create scenarios for either themselves or others to enjoy. This page will slowly expand as customized scenarios created by members of the ACWGC are added to it. You can download and play these scenarios at any time.

Clicking on the attachment will download a Zipped Compressed File containing the necessary files to download into the specific games folders. Only after adding the necessary SCN, OOB, and/or PDT files will you be able to successfully play the custom scenario. 

Stonewall at Gettysburg

WDS Gettysburg - 156 Turns

Robert E. Lee's second invasion of the north began on June 3, 1863, when his forces began to slip away from their camps around Fredericksburg. James Longstreet had returned from the Virginia peninsula with Pickett's and Hood's divisions and would once more command the army's reunited First Corps (divisions under McLaws, Pickett, Hood, and Anderson). Thomas J. Jackson, fresh from his greatest victory at Chancellorsville, would command the Second Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia (divisions under Ewell, Johnson, Rodes, and AP Hill). Lee's army would spend the next month maneuvering and marching into Maryland and then into Pennsylvania. 


As rumors abounded that the Union army was gaining rapidly on the Confederates from the south, Lee ordered his dispersed forces to begin closing up in anticipation of a possible battle. Jackson's corps was then spread out in central Pennsylvania in an attempt to capture the capital at Harrisburg. After word arrived from Lee that the Union army was much closer than they had believed, Jackson put his foot cavalry on the roads and moved to rejoin the rest of the army. On June 30, Jackson received word that a Union cavalry force was in Gettysburg. Unable to locate Stuart's Division, Jackson decided to drive on Gettysburg and attack any Federals he found there. He would then take the town and await the arrival of Longstreet's men moving east from Chambersburg.  


AP Hill's Division would lead the advance along the Chambersburg Pike. Jackson's other divisions were still a few hours away moving southward towards the town.  The Battle of Gettysburg was about to begin.

Raid on Stephenson's Depot

WDS Gettysburg - 18 Turns

NON HISTORICAL: This has been created to be a balanced (hopefully), enjoyable, PBEM scenario. After the Rebels defeat at Gettysburg supplies are a problem as they continue there retreat. It is decided to launch an attack on Stephenson's Depot in an attempt to gain the much needed supplies. This scenario often plays out right to the end. Hope you enjoy. 


WDS Gettysburg - 16 Turns

Training scenario for HPS Gettysburg with two corps of all arms and about equal size in a meeting engagement. *** Version 1.01: Length increased to 16 turns to allow for some more maneuvering. Victory levels adjusted. 


WDS Gettysburg - 150 Turns

Lee's Army of Northern Virginia is reinforced by a 4th Corps under DH Hill.  Hooker's Army of the Potomac receives additional support in the form of the 22nd Corps from the Washington defenses. The scenario is balanced in that the CSA has their usual qualitative advantage, while the USA has a larger force.  The 22nd Corps are garrison troops, basically D & E rated.

A Robert Frost Creation and Design.

Note: Contains components from both Campaign Overland and Campaign Gettysburg, requiring ownership of both titles.

Battle of the Mississippi

WDS Vicksburg - 31 Turns

Grant's Army of the Tennessee is advancing north to attack Johnston's Army of Mississippi east of the Big Black River. Johnston is moving south to attack Grant at the same moment. Who will be victorious? NOTE: This is an Equal Force Fight. Both sides have the same number of men, units, guns, wagons, and supplies. The quality of the leaders and the men are also equal. 

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