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Last Man Standing



Welcome to the Homepage of the 2021 

Last Man Standing Tournament!


Elite 8

Breaking News! September 1


And then there were...16. Eight members are left standing from each side as we head into September. 

Check the brackets for the latest updates.

Sweet Sixteen

August 21


We continue to roll along in the tournament. The Sweet Sixteen matchups have just about concluded and the Elite 8 Round will begin in September. Be sure to keep those turns going back and forth as the rounds have shortened to a month in length.

Check the brackets for the latest updates.

Round Two: Forward March!

May 14


With two-thirds of the Play-In Round games finished I have decided to kick off twenty-one Round Two games starting on May 15. As more Play-In Round games are completed the victors in those games will immediately begin their next matchup in Round Two. The Play-In Round will still continue until June 30. 

Round Two will run until July 31. If players continue to finish up early the start time of the Sweet Sixteen Rounds may be moved up. 

Check the brackets for the latest updates.

Play-In Round Begins at Once

April 25


The official tournament began on April 25. All participants have been emailed and there are 32 games slated to start immediately. For a full listing of the matchups check out the Brackets

The Last Man Standing Tournament is a single-elimination tournament with a Confederate and Union bracket and seeded participants on both sides. The Confederate Members will compete against one another and the Union Members will compete against one another until a single Champion remains from each side. These two will then go head-to-head in the Championship Game with the winner being awarded the title of Last Man Standing! As an added bonus this office will contribute a $50 dollar reward to the Charity of the winner's choice made via Facebook Charities. 

This tournament is now ACTIVE and registration has closed. 

Game results, updates, and news, will be posted here and in the Mason Dixon Tavern once play begins. 

To contact the administration of this tournament email


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