The Recruiting Office's

Last Man Standing



1. Club Rules in Section 5 concerning Gameplay are applicable in this tournament.


2. House Rules are allowed between combatants. If you cannot agree on these, I suggest using the traditional Club Rules as a base and starting as soon as possible as each round has a time limit.


3. The following Optional Rules will be required of all participants:










This is done to speed up the gaming process and to avoid any potential disagreements over Optional Rules between players. If you do not like the above optional rules I apologize but in order to keep everything moving forward as quickly and smoothly as possible this is necessary.


4. Once the game is completed please contact me at as soon as possible with the result. If I do not hear from the combatants within two days of the end of the round I will email them both for an update.


5. If I hear nothing from either participant 48 hours after the END of the round, they will both be disqualified, and their waiting opponent will receive a bye in the next round.


6. Participants will be emailed their next opponent the day the round starts. If their coming opponent is not determined yet (as seen in rule 5 above) they will notified of a delay.


7. Participants can register these games in the DoR as a maneuver.

8. The tourney's admin will email the two players involved in the game with two different scenarios to choose from for their game. The HIGHER seed will have the option of which scenario to play while the LOWER seed will choose which side they prefer to play after the scenario has been chosen. 

9. Grievances - remember this is all for fun! But should you have any major issues please contact and/or President Walt Dortch and we will work to address your concern as quickly as possible.