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The Scenario Listings are meant to help you quickly find some of the better designed scenarios to play on each title. As of October 2023 I am (still) updating the different Scenario Listings using a new format. This format will include at least one custom map for each scenario, along with a quick intel report on each scenario. I am also greatly increasing the number of custom scenario guides for the better scenarios on each title. This process is not fast, nor will it be done anytime soon. It is one of those things I do a bit here and there. But the end result will be worth it down the road.

A few notes:

Each scenario includes the Description included in the game along with a quick analysis. 

Some scenarios will feature a Scenario Guide which can be explored. These will contain a ton of information such as a full analysis of the armies, comparative statistics, and further strategy tips. 

Each scenario will include a ranking of either "Average", "Good", or "Excellent." 

I choose the scenarios I do not because they are slanted for the Confederate side to win, but because they are more even to play and offer a more amusing game for both players. If I do find the occasional scenario that is tilted heavily in our favor I may include it and notate its imbalance.

I hope these Scenario Guides prove useful and you enjoy their content. If you have any questions or find any errors (of which I am sure there will be some) just let me know.

The ratings are all just my opinion. Some I have played but most I have only checked out the setup and anticipated how it would play out. When there are thousands of scenarios to look at, you simply can't play them all to test out the fairness of them. So I do my best.

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