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We come home with our shields, or on them!


The Spartan Multiplayer Team was formed in 2024 and consists of some of the most skilled Union Generals in the ACWGC. 

Membership in the Spartans is not for everyone. We seek only able battlefield tacticians who know what a cannon is for and how to use it. Members must also show exemplary communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team.

We want no quiet members nor anyone who merely wishes to play a "friendly" game and laugh away a defeat. We want winners! We want members who wake up in the morning and wonder how many rebels they will kill that day. We want members who, even if one battle goes against them, know that they will rise stronger from the experience and will crush the enemy in the next ten battles. 


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Do You Have What it Takes?
To be a...


Our Philosophy

We embrace the idea that Union Armies are numerically superior, technologically more advanced, and far better supplied, than our rebel opponents. We will always seek to use every gun, man, and supply wagon to crush the wicked rebels in every game we play.

We do not apologize for being the superior army - we embrace it!

We play FAST -
Tactically Sound


Prospective Members

How can you become a Spartan?

Admission into the Spartans is by invitation only. We are always on the lookout for Union officers who share our passion and single-minded pursuit of victories. If you do your duty as a Union officer and show the traits we value, we will seek you out!

Are there other ways to become a member?

We may ask non-members to join us in Multiplayer Games against the rebel forces. Those who fight shoulder to shoulder with us in these games will receive serious consideration for membership based on their performance in the game and how they conduct themselves.


Spartan Team Basics

1. Mitch Johnson is the current Spartan Leader. 

2. The Spartans will have no official Union Medals or OBD point rewards. We fight for the Union and not for tin trinkets or fake points. 

3. Spartans may join other Multiplayer Teams. The Spartan Leader serves only on the Spartan Team. 

4. Spartan Membership is currently capped to just eight Members. This may increase in the future. 

5. We play to win - but will always salute honorable enemies in defeat and in victory. 


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