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Welcome to the Superintendent's Offices

representing the
Union Military Academy
Where Cadets Become ACWGC Union Officers


From the Desk of the Superintendent:

Welcome to the UMA Superintendent’s Office here at the joint training campus of the ACWGC! I hope you will seek an appointment to the Union Military Academy as a member of the “Long Blue Line” of cadets who have successfully trained and commissioned to become officers in the Union Army. Our staff of highly qualified and experienced instructors will help familiarize you with our Club protocols, including how to post for opponents and advance in club rank, as well as ensure you have a complete grasp of gaming mechanics and basic tactics in your preferred ACW gaming venue. Upon graduation you will be immediately assigned to the command of a Union brigade within one of our gallant armies currently in the field.


I hope you’ll take time to visit each of our beautiful campus buildings and explore the top-notch instruction that is offered in tactical and technical warfighting skills critical to leading our brave soldiers in the American Civil War era. Beyond that, I hope you come to appreciate how the ACWGC affords unique opportunities to find quality opponents in an atmosphere of friendly rivalry and banter. Many members on both sides of our Club are steeped in Civil War history and are willing to discuss historical aspects with you of each battle that you elect to re-fight. I hope you find our Club to be a place to learn and develop online friendships and friendly rivalries as much as I have. If you resonate with our Club Motto, “It is better to win a friend than it is a battle,” you’ve come to the right place!

         - Derald Riggs

              Superintendent of the Union Military Academy

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The ACWGC mandates a single, short training game of all its new members to insure they learn the rudiments of the sanctioned games of their choice(s) and especially the methods of Play By E-Mail (PBEM). In this academy the cadet will also be taught the basic organization of the club, its rules, regulations and communication conventions as they apply to his membership and good order. If the Instructors can impart a few tactical skills along the way, they are glad to do it! But the primary goal is to get new members through this process as "painlessly" for them as possible and to have them confidently commissioned into the "field" as soon as practicable.


To instill within all of our cadets

An Ethical, Honest Approach To Game Play,
Courteous Conduct Towards Their Opponents,
Promptness In the Return of Game Files, and
That Winning Or Losing Is Secondary To Their Overall Enjoyment of the Games!




In case there was any doubt - all of us in the Club are humans. We all have spouses, friends, children, pets, jobs, and responsibilities. One of our shared hobbies in life is spending some of our free time here playing games and supporting the Club we all enjoy. This Club exists because of the hard work and time people have voluntarily given since 1997. All of this was made possible through communication. We may all live across the globe but we are just a quick email away from one another thanks to the internet. 

The most important aspect of any online Club is communication. As staff members here at UMA we drop all other gaming files, Club business, and even personal matters, to respond to Cadet emails as quickly as possible. We do this because we want to impress upon you the importance and benefits of timely responses in the Club to gaming turns and emails. 

While we don't expect Cadets to respond as quickly or as enthusiastically as we do - we do ask that you respond in a timely manner so that we may get you through your training as efficiently and painlessly as possible. Most Members would probably agree that a "good game" requires a minimum of three turn exchanges a week. Some enjoy one or more turns a day while others are just weekend gamers. Once you graduate from UMA it is a good idea to specify with your opponent what your return rate usually is. For instance, if you enjoy daily turns you may not like playing someone available only on the weekends. While at UMA we do ask that Cadets try to get to their training turns and emails in a timely manner so we need not "chase you down" or send multiple inquiries your way. 

Should you need to suspend or delay your UMA Training simply inform your instructor, or the Superintendent, and they will happily make accommodations for you. 

Conduct Unbecoming an Officer


Our Club has a long history of sportsmanship and integrity when it comes to the games we play. Our Code of Conduct and Honor is the bedrock of our existence and is all that stands between us being a fun and competitive club – and one where a few cheaters may dominate and discourage the many. This notice is aimed at those few.

Recently we have expanded our capability to identify those that circumvent the rules and cheat to attain favorable results.
We now are able to review each turn sent to us, without any fog of war, which will show us a player’s every move across the map. Further, we have the ability to calculate the probability of outcomes which are nearly mathematically impossible to achieve in the absence of cheating.

1) Don't replay your moves.
2) Don't replay your fire combat or melees.
3) Don't try to break into the game files.

Everyone in this club pays a price when someone cheats and gets away with it. Some lose a playing buddy. Others lose respect by association. Some lose their confidence in the other side of the club. Others leave the Club because they can’t win a game. Lastly, we all lose some of our trusting nature.

To catch those that do not heed this message we ask that you contact your Army Commander or Cabinet Representatives when you believe cheating has occurred. The best method to catch offenders is to carefully watch game replays and look for abnormal results. We will investigate such claims and judge each case fairly and confidentially. Those found guilty may be expelled from the Club under the provisions of Club Rule 2.64.

Other possible penalties may include (but not be restricted to):
1) Losing all of your accumulated points to date.
2) Having your rank reduced back to 2nd Lieutenant.
3) Having to make a public apology in the Mason Dixon Tavern to maintain membership.

"It is better to win a friend than a battle." John Dragan

Unanimously Approved by the ACWGC Cabinet February 3, 2022


The pirating of software from the companies who provide the games we play to conduct our hobby constitutes direct monetary theft and will not be tolerated by the ACWGC in any form or guise. Club members are expected to conduct themselves in a reputable and honorable manner in this regard at all times.


While at UMA you will be offered a first-class education in the finer arts of wargaming with the John Tiller Series. You may spend as many hours, even days, as you like going over all the material we have here at the ACWGC Campus or you may never crack open a document and still pass through our training. You get out of UMA what you put into it. If you are someone that wants to win battles though - we suggest you take advantage of your time here. 

Once enrolled at UMA you will be assigned a personal instructor who will undergo a short training game with you. This game is designed, not so much to teach you everything, but simply to make sure that you can properly conduct and send a Play by Email game. 

During this game you will be registered at two different places within our Club. First, you will be registered at the Club Forums. These forums are specifically open to Club Members only. 

Second, you will be registered at our Club's Department of Records. Here you will be expected to register your training game with your instructor and then, at the end, close the game out accordingly. 

You will learn more about the Club Forums and the Department of Records within the Basic Training coursework at UMA. 

Upon your graduation I will have some final words of advice for you and some parting information to relate. Until then... enjoy your time here with us! Review the Basic and Advanced Training areas, stroll Lake Ludwig-Meyer, take in a Movie at the Tutorial Theater, or simply spend an evening gaming to your heart's content. 

Should you need anything or have any questions feel free to call upon me at anytime. 


"It is better to win a friend than it is a battle." - Gen. John Dragan (Confederate Club Member)

A long time Club leader and a prolific gamer John Dragan epitomized what it meant to be a good Club Member. While he never won more games than he lost he was able to forge life-long friendships with dozens, if not hundreds, of opponents while carrying on numerous games and helping to oversee the administrative side of the Club. John Dragan passed away in 2020 but his perfect quote about our Club will live on here in the ACWGC.

UMA Welcome Center