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Where to Muster


All officers assigned to Field Armies are obligated by Union Army General Order #8 – Muster Process and Requirements to respond to a monthly muster call as a requirement of their continuing Club membership and retention of a “Good Standing” status within the Union Army.  This is an individual officer responsibility.

Monthly musters are the only way to authoritatively document the strength of the army and are therefore a key assessment tool for ACWGC recruiting and retention.  More importantly, the monthly muster process acts as a proactive outreach to all members to reinforce camaraderie and networking while providing a method for commanders to assess the degree of activity, interest, and satisfaction of members.

Mustering is also a reminder that responding officers can engage their chain of command to ask questions, make recommendations, or make a complaint.  It is a reminder of the open channels of communication that we strive for throughout the Union Army.

Why We Muster

Mustering in the Army of the Tennessee will occur at the Department of Records. Each mustering period will run from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month. 

Mustering in the Army of the Potomac is handled through the chain of command and conducted as determined by the Army Commander. 

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