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Wild West 1862 Challenge!


Introduction to the Wild West 1862 Challenge

Enlistment in the Challenge runs until June 30.


The Wild West 1862 Challenge will feature five different alternative scenarios for Members to select to play. All of the scenarios are from the year 1862 and present an alternative take on historical events. Participants will be matched with Members from the other side of the Club in these battles. Each may be listed as a Battle in the Department of Records.

The scenarios chosen are from:

HPS/JTS Chickamauga - Three Scenarios

HPS/JTS Shiloh - Two Scenarios

More information on the length and size of the scenarios can be found on the sign-up page. All scenarios are 40 turns or fewer with armies generally 50,000 men or less. 

The specific scenario titles will only be revealed on the start date of July 10. Why July 10? Simply because I feel many of us will be busy with family activities that first week of July (Happy Independence Day!). 

Members may sign up for one, two, or however many of the five contests they wish to. Please remember to take into consideration the length and size of these games and your own ability to return moves and play at an enjoyable pace. It is always better to have one fewer game than you can handle than one more game than you can handle. Also take into account any vacations or breaks you may need and whether you can play and finish the game/games you sign up for. 

The Wild West Challenge will conclude on December 10, 2021. All results should be reported by then to be counted in the final tally. For more information on this see the Rules section. 

Game results, updates, and news, will be posted here and in the Mason Dixon Tavern once play begins. 

To contact the administration of this tournament email