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Unit Ratings


Every unit in every game has a rating attached to it between A and F. What this number means is covered extensively in the Training Academy. This brief article will only discuss how I have reached numerical ratings for units above the regimental level and what they mean. 

In the example below you see Anderson's Brigade from Chickamauga. The brigade is one of mixed quality, so would you rate it excellent, average, or below average?



Simply saying that Anderson's Brigade looks to be "a bit above average" doesn't help much. Therefore, I created a term called "Weighted Quality" which seeks to numerically rate all units on a scale of 1 (worst) to 6 (Best). 


A = 6

B = 5

C = 4

D = 3

E = 2

F = 1

In the above example of Anderson's Brigade there are a total of 1,865 infantrymen. I break them down by rating and assign each a point value.

I then take the 134 men rated as "A" and multiply them by 6. This equals 134 x 6 (rated A) = 804 points

I then take 874 x 5 = 4,370 points for the B rated men.

I then take 857 x 4 = 3,428 points for the C rated men.

I then add all these totals together to get 8,602 points for the brigade. 

I then divide 8,602 by 1,865 (the number of infantrymen in the brigade) to reach 4.61.

The Weighted Quality of Anderson's Brigade is then 4.61.

Why do I refer to it as a "Weighted Quality?" Because the simplified way to reach a unit rating does not take into account unit strength, only their quality.

A secondary way to reach a rating for a brigade is to add up the values of the ratings based on the 1 - 6 scale. So for Anderson's Brigade it would be 5 (B) + 4 (C) + 5 (B) + 4 (C) + 5 (B) + 6 (A) = 29. Then you would divide that by the number of regiments in the brigade to reach 4.83. 

The non-weighted scale does not take into account that the "A" unit has only 134 men nor that the largest unit in the brigade is the 502-man "C" unit. It gives each unit a flat rating regardless of size. I feel that the weighted measurement is a more precise way to rate units within the WDS system. 

You can expand this out all the way to the army level as each brigade, division, and corps can be rated. 

At Chickamauga, Anderson's Brigade is part of Hindman's Division. Altogether the division has:

220 A-rated men

1,915 B-rated men

3,897 C-rated men

220 x 6 = 1,320

1,915 x 5 = 9,575

3,897 x 4 = 15,588

1,320 + 9,575 + 15,588 = 26,483

We then divide 26,483 by 6,032 (the total number of infantrymen in the division) to reach a divisional Weighted Quality of 4.39 for Hindman's Division.

This process can quickly show you which units are above average (4 or greater) and which are of lower quality.

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