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With so many thousands of scenarios to choose from it can be very hard to find "good ones" to play. These lists will pinpoint what I feel are the best scenarios in each title. All of the scenarios highlighted are those which are either the most evenly matched to play, those that are the most amusing, or those that are just plain "interesting." When needed, I try to notate when a scenario is biased more to one side than the other. 

Please remember that these lists are based on nothing more than my own opinion. I am sure no two people would come up with the same lists. You should always look through any scenarios which interest you and decide for yourself if you wish to play it. You are free to use my lists as a starting point though if you are simply looking for recommendations. 

For the many maps in the collections, these can be clicked upon to open in an expanded window for easier viewing.

NOTE: Numerous scenarios include links for private Confederate Scenario Guides. These can only be viewed by Confederate Club Members and are password protected. 

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Looking for some reading material? If so, you can check out the article linked below on Opportunity Fire in the WDS games. This paper was written in 2020 and sought to "crack the code" concerning Opportunity Fire. While the paper does answer many questions, it never can quite explain how Opportunity Fire works - or even if it does. A heavy read and recommended only for those who want to dig into the game mechanics on a deeper level. 

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